So you think you found the person with whom you want to become exclusive. Here is a list of some of the most important things the two of you need to consider in order to keep the relationship functional and healthy. Be sure to stay tuned for more tips!
1. Quality time: Quality time is of the utmost importance. Spend at least some time every day with one another. If you live in different areas have a conversation every day.
2. Compromise: Relationships take work and part of that work is learning to give and take. It is a balancing act.
3. Dependence without co-dependence: Relationships are about depending on one another, but it is not about clingy behavior. Each person must be able to have their own interests and be given some space. If not, most people tend to feel trapped.
4. Listening: Take the time to hear the other person out and really, truly listen.
5. Appreciation: Make every effort to appreciate your partner. It is the little things that go a long way.
6. Quirks: Those things that we fall for early in the relationship can become annoying habits.  Take the time to appreciate and love these quirks rather than looking at them as annoyances.
7. Resentments: If something is bothering you by all means tell the other person. Don’t bury those feelings; they will only turn into resentment down the line. Be sure to listen and do not become defensive if your partner communicates his/her feelings.