8. Punishment: Punishing your significant other does not work! It tends to make us feel better for the moment, but it usually makes the other person feel as if he/she is being treated like a child.
9. Money: Money is the biggest complaint I hear about when working with couples. Have an honest conversation; who pays for what and do not make assumptions based on gender.
10. Sex:  Sex tends to go through stages. If you notice your sex life becoming boring, less frequent or a chore, talk about it immediately and be as candid as possible.
11. Cheating: Don’t do it! If you feel the need to stray, there is a problem and it generally has nothing to do with sex. Most people cheat because an emotional connection is missing with their partner. Talk truthfully with your other half and start communicating.
12. Boredom: Boredom usually has more to do with anger than anything else. Figure out what’s really bothering you and let your partner know in a calm, non-threatening manner.
13. Arguing: Never say anything you would not want to hear directed at you. I’m all for a good argument, but remain on point and do not re-hash problems that have already been dealt with.
14. Change: Acceptance of what you cannot change is an extremely important part of a relationship. Trying to change someone rarely works.