One of the main reasons I wrote an online dating book to help men is because I was once a frustrated online dater.  I spent month after month having little to no success.  As great as online dating is, sometimes it can be tough to rise above the competition, especially for us males.  So we need to figure out ways to do so if we are going to be successful.

When it comes down to it, the most important thing is to simply be interesting!  Some of you might say to yourself, “But I am interesting.”  This may very well be true; However, are you interesting in different ways than the competition?

For example:  The very nature of online dating almost encourages people to be somewhat boring since we all tend to try and get to know each other in similar ways by asking similar questions.

“What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” Etc.

While there is nothing wrong with these questions, odds are the person you are trying to date has dealt with them a million and one times if she has been online dating for a while.  So try to come up with things to say that are unique, different, and creative.  Most importantly, be interesting!  This is the easiest way you will rise above the competition and have success.