People are always surprised to hear we met online; turns out we grew up at the same synagogue and attended the same religious school, same summer camp and same college.  In fact, Robin dated one of Brad’s cousins and Brad dated one of Robin’s closest friends (both briefly, thankfully!) but, being five years apart, we never crossed paths!  It was JDate that finally put us on the path toward each other. 

We both joined JDate at the urging of friends and were both cautious at first.  Brad was on JDate on and off for over a year and enjoyed dating but didn’t think he would meet his wife.  After almost a year, Robin was getting disenchanted and considering removing her profile – thankfully she didn’t!  The week of her 25th birthday she heard from lots of new guys, thanks to her new age listing. She read through all the messages and responded to one; Brad’s. 

Our first date was brunch at Racine’s; we didn’t want to plan an evening date in case we weren’t into each other but, as it turned out, we were really into each other and were quite sad to say goodbye and go on with our jam-packed days once the date was over.  For our second date, we met at Riverfront Park and walked all around the area, down the creek and ate pizza downtown. It was totally relaxed and casual and also the best date either of us had ever been on.  That night was when each of us felt we had struck gold!  Later that month, we ran into the Rabbi of our synagogue, who had known both of us since we were kids. He took one look at us together, smiled and said “good match, I look forward to marring you two!”  We laughed it off, being a bit early to make those kinds of proclamations, but five months later we did indeed call him to announce our engagement and ask him to marry us!

We were married in beautiful San Diego, CA on June 13, 2004.  It was a wonderful weekend celebration of love and family.  We both liked the idea of eloping but are both too close to our families to get away with it, so we had a destination wedding instead.  It was perfect; our 90 guests made it so festive and fun but it was still small enough to feel intimate.  We then left for a fabulous two week honeymoon in Maui and Oahu.

On our four year wedding anniversary, we came home from the hospital with our sweet baby boy, Micah, who was born on June 9th.  Becoming parents has added a new dimension to our relationship and we feel blessed every day.  Micah is now three and we are having more fun than ever!

Robin and Brad
Denver, Colorado

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