Dear JDate,

cont-mt-robin-jeff-01A Letter Before The Wedding:
We wanted to write you a letter thanking you for your services. Before we met each other online, both of us had been through the dating nightmare. We had tried everything- set-ups, personal ads, bar scene- you name it! By the time we met each other, we knew what we wanted! provided each of us a place to search out our perfect match-and we believe that’s happened.

A Letter After The Wedding:
After it was announced that my company was being acquired, I began a frantic search for a job in New York. Within 3 months, the acquiring company, Playboy Enterprises, offered me a promotion and relocation to Los Angeles which I accepted. After many years of dating disasters and dilemmas in NY, I decided to try something new in LA. About one month before I moved, someone at work suggested I try I checked out the site and really liked it! What I liked most was that it required members to complete a detailed profile asking everything from food likes and dislikes to level of religion and most importantly – what kind of relationship was desired.

I completed the profile, submitted 3 photos and quickly had tons of responses! I was like a kid in a candy store. It didn’t cost me a dime. I had dates lined up even before I arrived here! I must have gone on dates with about 6-7 people in total. That is not much, considering that I received at least 60 responses. My husband, Jeff, was maybe the 6th person I’d met. He first e-mailed to me on September 17th – 10 days before I was to leave for LA. We e-mailed about 3 times and I let him know that I would be arriving on the 27th and would be staying in the Hotel Sofitel. (I didn’t tell him that I had 3 dates lined up that week already!)

Like clockwork, on September 27th when I arrived at the hotel, Jeff called. Our first date on September 30th was supposed to be a coffee (safety) date at Starbucks at the Beverly Connection. I arrived first and ordered a drink. The minute Jeff walked through the door he saw me and asked if I wanted to go to dinner! I was surprised, as we had just agreed to meet for coffee – but I guess he really liked me! I took the coffee along and we went to El Coyote. We were there for hours talking and laughing. He drove me back to the hotel and kissed me good-night. Quite honestly, I didn’t really think anything of it. It was a very nice first date and I did like that he talked a lot. I had been on enough dates where I’d been bored to death or amazed at how some people have absolutely nothing to say.

cont-mt-robin-jeff-02He called me the very next day – really enthusiastic and asked me out for Saturday night. I had to decline because I had another date! We went out 2 weeks later and from then on were inseparable. He practically moved in with me within the month – against my better judgement! But – he was very clear early on that he was in love with me – which is more than I had heard in the past. He was also the sweetest, most considerate man I had ever met by far! The funniest thing about our meeting is that we were both born in New Jersey which is where our families live! Just imagine – I moved 3,000 miles to meet a guy from New Jersey!

Jeff made it clear that we would be engaged in a year and we were – well, 14 months! We were engaged at Yujean Kang’s Chinese Restaurant on December 3, 1999. Jeff worked it out with the restaurant. He went there early and placed his own fortune in a fortune cookie – which they served to me later! The restaurant then brought us champagne and cake. It was very romantic.

We were married in New Jersey on June 4th – it was the most amazing wedding and the happiest day of my life. My parents were ecstatic too! There hadn’t been a wedding in our family for nearly 25 years. I consider myself so lucky to have found Jeff. He’s handsome, caring, funny, and tremendously talented in his work – photography and videography. He’s a wedding photographer, so every time I would visit him there would be bridal magazines out! I really had an advance look at gowns!

Robin & Jeff
Los Angeles, California

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