After converting to Judaism I was unaware of how to meet my Beshert. My rabbi suggested I go on JDate. Accordingly, I went on JDate and on my first search I had over 300 “matches.” After looking at about 10 profiles, Lloyd’s picture (my future husband) came up. I was sitting with my mother and turned to her and said, “Mommy, this is the man I am going to marry!”

After our first date, which was eleven hours, we never dated anyone else. Our feelings grew deep in a relatively short time. I later learned Lloyd referred to me as the “no but girl.” This was not a physical comment, but a comment on his having no reservations about the way he felt about me.

Exactly six months after we first met, Lloyd surprised me with a trip for my birthday. He told me we were going to go away, but would not tell me where we were going. He wanted to surprise me. At 4:30am, a cab showed up and I thought I had figured out where he was taking me. I thought we were going on a three-hour boat ride to Catalina Island. When the cab went north instead of south, however, I was perplexed. As the cab went east, I became uneasy! I asked Lloyd if we were heading to the airport, but he refused to answer me. Two minutes later it became clear we were indeed going to the airport! I was panicked. Despite our great communication, I had not yet told Lloyd of my intense fear of flying. He was unaware that the only way I can get on a plane is after I have been heavily medicated with prescription drugs.

We got to the airport and I thought that the next best thing to medication would be alcohol. Unfortunately, since it was 4:45am, there was no alcohol to be found at the airport (and I searched long and hard)! I begged the flight attendant for the little bottles of alcohol (price was no object) as soon as we arrived on the plane. Unfortunately, alcohol is not as effective as medication, and I remained panicked throughout the three-hour flight, which included some crying, praying, and at one point, my punching Lloyd in the thigh (unintentional, but I became completely unnerved when turbulence occurred).

Two connecting flights later, we arrived in Victoria, British Columbia. The next day was my birthday.  That romantic guy arranged for a “handsome cab” (horse and carriage) to take us to dinner. We stopped by a lake on the way to dinner where Lloyd got down on his knee and said, “Rocio, let’s live our lives the way they were meant to be lived. Will you marry me?” I was elated, and completely surprised, and of course said, “Yes!”

One year later we said our “I do’s” under the chuppah. Fast forward nine years, and we are counting our blessings each and every day for each other, for our two beautiful children (Daniel, age 6 and Sarah, age 5), and for JDate.

Rocio and Lloyd
Redondo Beach, California

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