On a gorgeous spring-to-be day, I was out running along the museums and boat houses in Philadelphia.  I continued my workout going up the infamous “Rocky steps” with my iPod fortuitously playing “Eye of the Tiger.”  Cheesy? Absolutely, but pretty funny as this was my first occasion on the steps and they were flooded by tourists taking the obligatory photo re-enacting Rocky. After finishing my tenth rotation of the steps, I finally looked out at the snapshot that I’m sure is captured in any Philadelphia-based movie and sighed. Maybe it was the long-overdue sunshine…Maybe the scenery…but in the moment it was a reminder that life is pretty good and, as far as I am able to control, I have no regrets in life and love.  Maybe it was the endorphins or maybe the “wicked” weather, none the less, it’s just a reminder that life moves quicker than ever and to enjoy the moment.