Building a sukkah over the weekend got me thinking about how romantic Sukkot can be. Aside from the lulav and etrog being phallic symbols, the beautiful hut-like structure gives us ample opportunity to spend time outside in the evening, which is something many of us would not normally do. If you already have an awning, pergola or a gazebo, then half the work has been done for you. Dress it up a bit and invite a date over for dinner under the stars. And once Sukkot is over, you can take down the decorations, but keep the momentum going of enjoying the “great outdoors.”

One of my favorite dates was also the most unassuming and unpretentious. It was winter, but the weather was nice so we took a bottle of wine and two wine glasses outside and then just sat on an outdoor chaise. We cuddled and chatted between sipping wine, and even sat in silence looking at the stars. Yes, there was some making out… actually, lots and lots of making out… but aside from the chemistry, it was also comforting to know we could sit together in easy silence, just enjoying each other’s company.

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