Dear JDate,

cont-mt-sabina-michaelI would like to share my success story with the JDate community. Not only did I find my beshert on JDate, but so did my uncle and my best friend’s mother, as well as other friends of mine.

I had just moved to Miami, and I did not know a soul. I decided to try JDate since my uncle had just gotten married to an amazing woman he met on JDate.

Michael was interested in me from the beginning and emailed me, but due to the great amount of responses I got, I never got a chance to focus in on his emails. After a few dates with JDate members, I decided to give up.

A year later, I went back on, and he emailed me again. I got a rush of emails, but he persistently instant messaged and emailed me. Finally, after a week of emailing, I agreed to meet him. We decided to meet for a drink at a little restaurant in Coconut Grove. We had never spoken on the phone. We had only played phone tag with each other’s voicemails. (We both agreed later that we hoped we would at least make a friend in the date and that neither of us expected too much. Michael had been on many dates and had not yet found his match.) When I walked in the restaurant, I saw him and it was love at first sight. I remember 10 minutes into the date excusing myself to call my mom to tell her that I had met the man I was going to marry.

Six months later, we moved in together, and six months after that, we got engaged. Michael took me back to the same spot we met — he blindfolded me, and when we arrived, I was in awe to find a path of rose petals and candles leading up to the same table where we shared our first drink. It was the most special night of my life.

Our wedding was in February 2007.

Every day I spend with him, I love him more and more. I would like to thank JDate for leading me to my beshert. I know I would have found him eventually because we are meant to be, but JDate allowed me to find him A LOT quicker.

Thank you, JDate!

Sabina & Michael
Miami, Florida

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