Joe (Jagshemash) and Salem (AnnaAkhmatova) both joined JDate in the spring of 2006 after ending long-term relationships. They met and began chatting online in August of that year.

Salem had been going on a lot of really bad first dates, so even though Joe seemed like a nice guy, she decided that she wanted backup for her next outing. Their first date was at the Rhodeside Grill in Arlington, Virginia to watch the first Texas football game of the season. Salem brought along her best friend from college and his partner and they were surrounded by a hundred or so burnt orange-clad members of the Washington, D.C. Texas Exes Association.

Joe was smitten from day one, but Salem was a bit more stubborn. On the way back from a trip to New York in October with her mother, Salem texted a friend about her new relationship. He made the outrageous suggestion that she tell Joe that she liked him. Salem, still uncertain about her readiness for romance, responded with the very mature, “I do not!” But she did, and she told Joe so. Salem soon fell in love with Joe and his wonderful cats, Miju and Peeps.

In April 2008, they moved into their current downtown apartment and that December, they decided to get married.

Salem and Joe’s first date was on September 2, 2006; they decided to become exclusive on October 25, 2006; and were married three years later on October 25, 2009.

Salem and Joe
Washington, D.C.

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  1. Love your user names! I’m a big fan of Akhmatova’s poetry! You guys are the coolest JDate couple I’ve ever seen!

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