Dear JDate,

cont-mt-sandy-michaelWhat are the chances that my true love was living just three houses down from me? I had been on JDate for several years and had met many nice people, but not “The One” until Michael came along. It was a random Monday evening in January, 2008 when I logged on and saw Michael online. I sent him an IM and we talked for nearly two hours. The next night when I logged in, there he was again, and again we wrote back and forth for another two hours. It was that night we discovered we lived so close. His street dead ended into my street. He had driven past my house every day on his way to and from work.

We continued to IM every night for about two weeks before we met. And how did we finally meet? Halfway between our houses in front of a broken-down car! Michael is shy and very quiet around new people, but since we had written back and forth for so many hours, he was already comfortable by the time we met. Had we just met on a blind date or a set-up, there is no way we would have hit it off. Our second date was Valentine’s Day. It was not planned, but Michael showed up at my house with gifts. From then on, we spent every evening together. Although my friends and family could not believe it, Michael did not own a television. I, on the other hand, was a big fan of vegging on the couch with my dogs and watching whatever was on. Michael quickly learned how great it was to “vegg.” I think we both realized quickly how comfortable we were around each other. The proximity of our houses definitely helped move our relationship along quickly.

We both grew up in Dallas, but Michael is eight years older than me. We know so many of the same people, but nobody thought to set us up. We got engaged in October, 2008 and married in March, 2009. Without JDate, who knows if we ever would have met? Even though we only lived three houses apart!

Thanks for helping me find my best friend!

Sandy & Michael

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