Sara and David grew up within 15 minutes of each other in southern New Jersey. They were both involved in the Jewish community growing up, but never seemed to cross paths. Both signed up for JDate during college (pushed into it by friends and family), with neither really meeting the people they hoped to meet.

In 2007, they began talking on JDate. David was in south Jersey in law school and Sara was in her junior year of college in central Jersey. Although they seemed to get along, David decided that the hour distance was too far for him. 

Fast forward almost four years…

At this point Sara has moved another hour north to work in a Jewish community center in north Jersey. She and David begin talking again on JDate. After a few weeks, they decided to meet the Friday after Thanksgiving at a Starbucks® while they were both home for the holiday. Things took off very quickly after that.

David proposed on June 5, 2011, the day before Sara’s birthday, on a sailboat ride around New York City. They can’t wait to be married in south Jersey (in the same place they both had their Bar and Bat Mitzvah) on August 26, 2012!      

Sara and David
Tenafly, New Jersey

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  1. Sara!!! Omg…. my old roomate from college! lol… It truly is such a small Jewish world. This is amazing. Mazel Tov Sara! I’m so happy for you, you deserve all the happiness and mazel there is to offer. May you both share many years full of happiness and nachas. I hope to find the same nachas soon. I’ve been a Registered Nurse since we graduated in May 2010. I live in Great Neck now(on Long Island) to be near the hospital where I work. If you know any nice guys keep me in mind. 🙂
    – Dina

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