Sara’s Story:

After completing her first year of rabbinical studies in Jerusalem, Sara moved to Brooklyn.  With her education moving along nicely, she decided it was time to get serious about other things. Since she furnished half of her apartment from craigslist, she figured using JDate would be an efficient approach, and hopefully a good bargain as well.

Ezra’s Story:

Ezra was never sure where Miss Right would be found. After attending his 13th wedding without a date, he decided to give JDate a try.  One evening over Pesach (Passover) in 2008, he came across a lovely JDate profile of a graduate student from Maryland.  

Together, It Was Beshert:

For the first two weeks, we spoke on the phone every night, and Sara was delighted when she and Ezra made plans to meet.  We quickly hit it off and suspended our JDate accounts shortly thereafter.  Ezra proposed to Sara in Israel while biking along the Sea of Galilee over the summer of 2010.  We wed in May 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Both of us thought we would meet our Beshert through our circle of friends.  We realized the true value of JDate when we first became friends on Facebook and saw we had no friends in common.  Zero. Zilch. Gornisht.  While Ezra had more than 1,400 friends on the site, none of them were connected to Sara.  Without JDate we don’t think we would have found one another! 

Sara and Ezra
New York, New York

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