I had just gotten out of an awful relationship that lasted two years too long. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to start dating seriously again, but decided to join JDate to meet new people. My plan was to take my time getting to know someone before I got into another relationship.

Shortly after I joined, Howard and I began chatting through IM. He asked me for my phone number, and I actually told him I wasn’t ready for that yet! However, we continued chatting through JDate, and eventually through AIM.

In the meantime, I got more comfortable with the idea of online dating and had actually gone on a few dates with different people. I didn’t feel as strong of a connection with any of them, as I did with Howard.

After about a month of chatting, I asked him when he was going to ask for my phone number so we could begin to take the next step. He responded by reminding me that he had asked for my number once before and didn’t want to be pushy and ask again. I was so embarrassed, but also impressed with how respectful he seemed.

We exchanged phone numbers, and spoke on the phone for about an hour. We made plans to meet at Starbucks® after work on April 14, 2008. I was so excited to meet him, I left work early. It’s a good thing too, because we ended up at Starbucks for about five hours. We had so much in common, and knew that this was the start of something good. At the end of the date, Howard set up the blue tooth in my new car, and then called me on the way home so he could be the first person to utilize my blue tooth.

We began dating right away and our story has unfolded wonderfully since then. We’ve had an amazing journey so far. We moved to New York City together for two years and got engaged while living there. We are now back in our hometown where we will be getting married on April 14, 2012 — exactly four years since we met.

Howard is the nicest, most sincere, generous, and caring person that I have ever met. He makes me laugh, makes me smile, and makes me so excited for the future. It really is incredible to have someone who knows you inside and out and accepts you, and loves you, anyway.

I am so appreciative to JDate for being the medium that brought Howard and I together. JDate made it easy and comfortable to start the relationship and, fortunately for us, it’s been easy and comfortable ever since!

Sara and Howard
Boynton Beach, Florida

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