Dear JDate,

cont-mt-sara-toddI had been on and off JDate for about 4 years, and was pretty much convinced that I would be single forever. I was sitting at home one night in late July, early August of 2005, watching the Red Sox play when I (30snflwrs) got an email from tmg852 (Todd). He looked really cute in his picture, and from what I read of his profile, he seemed like a nice guy. I didn’t wait a day to respond like I had in the past, and noticed he was on JDate when I got the email. So, I sent him an IM and we talked for a while and he was really impressed that I was watching the game! About a month went by of talking via email, and oddly enough, I decided to have my bathtub re-painted and learned that I would have to move into my parents house for a few days while it dried. I left Todd’s number at my apartment, but I remembered it was in my JDate inbox. I called Todd while at my parents’ house and he was out with some out-of-town friends. He told me he would call me back the next day, and he did. We decided to meet up a few days later on September 1, 2005. I was working late that night, so we met at a local Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins for some ice cream and to walk around and get to know one another. We lived a street away from each other in Brighton, MA and never met before JDate.

The next two years were incredible, I knew that I had met the man I was going to marry – we spent every minute together! Todd sold his condo in July of 2007 and moved into my condo and then I sold mine. We bought a condo together just south of Boston. On September 1, 2007, Todd’s sister had taken me to get my nails done in the afternoon. She had told me that her boss had given her two gift certificates for manicures for all her hard work, and this was their way of thanking her. I was honored that she asked me to go with her and accepted the invitation. We took the T to the nail salon, got back around 6 and went our separate ways. I walked up to our floor and noticed on our doormat was a card with a single red rose on top. The top of the card read “open first before entering.” So, I read the card and opened the door. There were rose petals and lit candles all over the floor. I walked towards the coffee table where there was a gift bag and more roses in a vase. I reached into the gift bag and pulled out a book he had made on which had a bunch of pictures of us from the last 2 yrs. On the third to last page, there was a picture of Todd with a caption under it that read, “Sara??” The next page had a picture of me that read, “Yesss??” And on the last page was a picture of Todd on one knee holding a ring box with a ring inside, which the caption read, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” He then got down on one knee and proposed. After lots of tears, I managed to say “YES!” We had a 7:30 dinner reservation that we had to get ready for and after several attempts to get in touch with my parents; I figured I’d talk to them later. When we got to the restaurant, the host went to check on our table and then came back with 2 menus and brought us to a room where both of our families (parents, siblings and their spouses) were waiting for us. It was a perfect day!

We got married on June 1, 2008 in Boston. I’m so glad that I stuck with JDate as, without it, I never would have met my best friend, my soul mate, my beshert.

Thank you JDate!

Sara & Todd
Boston, Massachusetts

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