Sarah’s Take on How They Met:

My mother had continuously suggested JDate, but I didn’t want to “listen to my mom.” After a wonderful first year in Los Angeles with my friend Jenny (one of my future all-star bridesmaids), she decided to move to New York. I took that as an opportunity to go on JDate and meet some new people. After a few weeks on the site, I noticed a cute profile that intrigued me: “I like to spend my Sundays watching old movies.” I started talking to Haben on IM from my reception desk at Ellen Degeneres’ talk show. I remember getting so excited when I would see the box pop up with the Rubik’s cube icon Haben had chosen for his profile. Our first date was October 7, 2006. He took me to BJ’s (a Chicago-style pizza place — perfect!). We didn’t want to end the evening early though, so we went back to my apartment and played two rounds of the game “Scene It?” – I won both games! It may not sound like a lot of fun to others, but it was my idea of fun! Seven years later and I still get just as happy when I see his Google chat icon pop up on my computer screen.

Haben’s Take On How They Met:

I was at the point in my life where I had decided I was done with dating, and was ready for a wife. I always prided myself on being open to all races, creeds, and colors in a potential spouse. However, as I looked deep into myself, I realized I wanted a wife who could share with me and understand my Jewish heritage. I’m not the kind of guy who goes to bars to pick up women, and honestly if I did, where would one find a bar filled with only Jewish women? “Hi, my name is Haben. Are you Jewish?” JDate seemed like the most logical choice.

It didn’t take me long to come across the big smile on Sarah’s profile. She had just started working in the entertainment industry – a field I had been trying to break into – so I knew we would have something in common to talk about. She was from Illinois. As a California native, that sounded fun and exotic to me. So after sending some Flirts and IMs, I asked her out for a date.

All I planned for our first date was dinner. I had no expectations for more, but when dinner was over and I paid the check (yes men, even in this modern age, women still like it when you pay), I didn’t want the date to end. I asked Sarah if she would like to go somewhere else to talk – a bar, a coffee shop, it didn’t matter to me, I just wanted to spend more time with this wonderful girl. When she suggested her place to play board games, I was shocked. First, I love board games. Second, she’d only known me for a few hours and she already trusted me enough to bring me into her home. All I could think was, “Wow! This girl is great!” She didn’t play any mind games, nor did she follow any “dating rules.” She just wanted to hang out and play a board game. I fell in love.

After two years of dating, I asked her to live with me. Three years after that, I asked her to be my wife. One year later, we were married. Yet, it feels like yesterday when the sweet, beautiful, funny, wonderful woman I met on JDate asked me over to her house to play a board game.

What Made Their JDate Experience Successful:

JDate takes the guess-work out of dating. If you have certain attributes you would prefer a potential mate to have, JDate can find them for you. JDate takes the disappointing, lonely, lost world of dating and turns it into a precise, collected, fun, and inspiring way to find the Jewish mate of your dreams.

Sarah and Haben
Burbank, California

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  1. I have know Haben since he was born and was at the wedding. This such a great story and they are such a wonderful couple…I guess I might have to try JDate…I have been out of the dating scene for years, but as soon as I’m ready to meet someone, then I’ll be signing up.

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