Without JDate, Jason and I would have continued to live 10 minutes apart and only know each other through mutual acquaintances.

We originally met in the summer of 2008 at a BBYO alumni event… the timing wasn’t right for us to get together then, but we did become friends on Facebook. Time went by and we stayed acquaintances. Neither of us thought much of it, I think.

I had been a member of JDate since college, when everyone joined for fun. Being a Brandeis girl, getting paired with your suitemates and peers was a fun exercise in seeing how the website paired people up. But over time I became more serious with my search once law school really got underway and meeting my NJB (Nice Jewish Boy) became more challenging.

In the late spring of 2011, I noticed someone named Jason had checked out my JDate profile. He looked familiar and I realized it was the guy I had met at the BBYO alum event three years earlier. So I sent him one of the “Flirts” and waited… and he responded! We soon started chatting online.

success-sarah-jason-tmb2Our first date was July 16, 2011. I’ll never forget that after sitting and talking for almost three hours, neither of us really wanted to say goodnight. Something just seemed to click and it just felt right. We saw each other twice more that same week and we both felt the connection.

But still, the timing wasn’t right. For the next few months we chatted on and off and saw each other sporadically. We were both interested, but work and life got in the way. As the winter of 2012 gave way to the spring, we found ourselves able to spend more time together. And under the fireworks of July 4th, we made our relationship official.

For the next year and a half we came to realize what an obvious match we were. But the crazy part was how many mutual friends we shared. And for each one we spoke with, they would say something about how perfect we were together, but they never had suggested we get together.

We started to realize that our match was a ‘forever match,’ and in December of 2013, under the fireworks once again (but this time of New Year’s Eve), he proposed! We set the wedding date for November 15, 2014 and couldn’t be more excited!

While it may have taken us a while to figure it all out and actually get together, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Sometimes you just know that it is meant to be. But without JDate, we would just have continued to be two social media acquaintances who shared a lot of a friends, but couldn’t connect the dots. We are forever grateful to JDate for causing us to reconnect at the right time and explore the possibilities of being together. Thank you!

Sarah and Jason
Somerdale, New Jersey

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