Dear JDate,

cont-mt-sarah-jasonI first contacted Sarah in late May 2004 after coming across her profile. As I was getting ready to write her, I saw she was online and figured I would IM her instead. To my surprise, she responded, and we hit it off.

We emailed back and forth and set a date to meet for coffee and see how we did in real life. I arrived at the coffee shop a little early and was reading the paper when this attractive woman walked in, looked me in the eye, said hi, and then proceeded to look around the shop. After a minute, I got up the nerve to ask her if she was Sarah, and thankfully, she was. We sat and talked for a long time and decided to get some food. We sat outside and ate, having such a good time that when it started raining on us, we sat there in the rain for almost three hours. I walked her home and we made plans to get together that Saturday (she told me later she broke another date to go out with me that weekend).

Thank you JDate!

Sarah & Jason
Boston, Massachusetts

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