Ken’s side of the story:

Ironically, there have been three chance encounters with Sarah and/or her family with my family over the years. A few years ago, Sarah happened to be in Lake Como, Italy at the very same time as my father and step-mother! In Israel four years ago, my sister, Lisa, was at the VERY same hotel at the VERY same dates! (Boy, how life would have been different had I been on that excursion — I would have had an opportunity to meet Tom, her father, whose inspiration to Sarah is enormous and much missed since his passing! Perhaps my sister was in the elevator with him?) Lastly, Sarah’s sister just returned from Israel from Birthright. My sister-in-law’s brother’s NCSY group hung out with the Birthright group!

The JDate encounter: With Sarah, her credit card was barely back in her wallet from signing up on JDate when we found each other. From our first conversation, we each sensed something special. I was on the phone with my mother during lunch when I noticed that Sarah’s profile looked at mine. I told my mom I had to go to talk to “my future.” I reached out to Sarah. We had a great electronic banter before speaking on the phone. It was a Friday afternoon and we had planned to meet Sunday. But the conversation was going so well, we decided to meet Saturday night.

Accordingly, and as per her “Perfect First Date” listed on her profile, we had dinner overlooking the water. During the next week or so, Sarah’s fortune cookie read:  “Your dearest wish will come true within the month,” (which I still keep with me in my wallet)! We talked on the 17th, met on the 18th (of December 2010) and became engaged January 15th! (Fortune came true).

What I see in Sarah is that as a unit we strengthen each other’s weaker characteristics. No one is perfect… and she provides me with strength in areas I may not excel in and I feel I do the same for her. As a unit we are able to improve how we navigate through life.

I love Sarah’s big heart and her genuineness. “What you see is what you get,” she’ll quip. She is caring to others. She makes me smile, laugh, and my heart skips a beat when I’m around her… almost needing to limit my interaction so that my heart does not skip too many beats.

Sarah has had a huge impact with my family and I’m proud to say she fits in well. My sister and she have hit it off like best friends. My mother, grandmother and father all have a special place in Sarah’s heart and the feelings are mutual (which are not easily the case with my family). My family has strong opinions, yet I’m amazed at how well they have each embraced Sarah like their own flesh and blood.

Sarah’s side of the story:

I was actually convinced by one of my friends to go on JDate. After less than 24 hours that I signed up and paid $40 (always been a soft spot for me, spending the money and meeting someone so quick), I went online and just looked around. Ken’s profile was the one and only that I even spent time looking through and reading. The other guys just didn’t seem appealing and all of them seemed like their intentions weren’t worth exploring. I think the first thing that caught my eye was his warm smile and nice eyes. Dad always told me that “You can learn a lot from people just by looking into their eyes.” Ken had kind eyes.

We went out on our first date two days later. The thing that really stuck with me was that he had remembered so much of what I said in my profile. At first I didn’t know if that was just something he had rehearsed, or if it was genuinely coming from a place of completely the right intentions. I quickly realized that this guy could honestly be my knight in shining armor, but I couldn’t say a word to anyone about it because they’d think I was crazy! I told a few of my friends, only the “romantics” though, and they were so thrilled and couldn’t be more excited to see how things would unfold.

The next day after this date I met his grandmother, then his mother, then his sisters, brother, nephews, his dad and Annie… the list goes on! It dawned on me when I met all of them that this guy is truly a keeper. It was clear how close they all were and how much they all love and support each other. And that right there is priceless.

My life literally changed before my eyes as the next few weeks progressed and then he proposed. As caught off guard as I was, I accepted. Not only is he a handsome, well educated, stable man, he also knows what he wants. And so do I. It was a match made in “heaven.” I knew that there was something greater than myself helping to orchestrate this whole thing (I know Dad plays a big part in my meeting Ken).

Ken is my “everything” and is the perfect man for me. I grow to love him more and more each day. As life has already thrown us curveballs, it is so apparent how good of a team we are, and with that, we can do anything. I feel so blessed to have met him, because not only did I meet him, but his family has taken me in as their own… and that is PRICELESS 🙂

Sarah and Ken
Beverly Hills, California

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  1. So happy for you two, Ken Doll!! I was wondering how you have been since the J Date message boards. Mazel Tov!!

  2. Mazal Tov!!! You guys look very happy together…That truly is a fairy tale story…

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