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cont-mt-Sarit-DavidDavid Shternberg from Burbank, California listed his profile on for a long time. Although a few dates came out of this, nothing turned into the long-lasting relationship he was looking for. David was surprised to get a response on February 18, 2001 from Sarit, a single Israeli woman from Chino Hills, CA, who said that she liked his profile and left her phone number. Her email was actually written by her brother-in-law Doron Rafael, who promised “to find her a groom”…

Sarit and David met for the first time on February 24th after talking on the phone few times. Their lunch date lasted till late that night, and David was in love…

On May 2001 Sarit and David spent a week in Hawaii, where David proposed and Sarit accepted. They got married in Studio City on September 30, 2001.

Sarit & David
Chino Hills and Burbank, California

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