Over the weekend, I was reminded that the success of a relationship – despite all the confusion that external forces may bring – is all about the basics.  Are you content and happy when you are with this person?  Is your life better with that person in it?  Would you be sad if that person was not around?  Is this a simplistic way of seeing things? Absolutely.  And perhaps, sometimes, there are circumstances that present more challenges, but for the most part Robert Fulghum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten probably had it right about relationships as well.  The simplicity of it all.  What I do know is my Scotch Tape” (and “rocking chair” for another time) theory. In the beginning of a relationship, there is an excitement and pull (scotch tape) that attaches two people.  Once the lust factor has subsided some, perhaps there are disagreements and the newness and butterflies subside, there is the potential of the elevation factor of what I would call Elmer’s Glue. Is there a strong enough foundation built that allows continued growth and development? Now, if you actually rise to the next level Crazy Glue (Velcro) that is some good stuff. Your partner has likely seen you at your worst with no facades and the bond is so strong you don’t want to imagine life without that person. That Crazy Glue will hold you together during the hiccups and challenging times. From Scotch Tape to Crazy Glue what actually makes relationships stick? Perhaps, it might be just about the very basics because most other things can be worked out.