Love is a wonderful thing. But sometimes, it’s actually better when it’s the second time around.

Sure, you can throw out your negative statistics about how second marriages have higher failure rates.

Sure, tell me that the dating pool stinks when you’re dating after divorce.

But with all of that “Negative Nancy” nonsense, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Let’s also consider how great love can be the second time for a variety of reasons! If you’ve ever heard the phrase “practice makes perfect,” consider that when it comes to love. Sometimes, you’ve got to fail a few times before you can really hit it out of the park!

1. Knowledge Is Key

Young love can last a lifetime … but it doesn’t always work out that way. In some cases, we need to mature to really know what we need from our partners and what we are really capable of giving.

Sometimes, people grow apart too because as they mature into adults. They simply realize they’re not as compatible as they had thought.

Knowledge is key, and when you’re loving the second time around, you know more about yourself and what you want. And that, my friends, is a powerful thing.

2. Appreciation Grows

When you’ve loved and failed, it can be painful. But with this pain can come a newfound appreciation and respect for partnership. This appreciation and respect can build a greater, more successful relationship.

The things you maybe didn’t appreciate before, suddenly you know better and you do! The things a new partner brings to the table can also bring you such joy and gratitude, feeling happy that you found someone who is a better fit.

3. Failure Brings Growth

If your marriage or long-term relationship failed, I can bet that you learned a great deal about yourself from this failure. Maybe you learned that you have bad communication habits, or that you chose a partner based off of some unresolved childhood issue. Or maybe you just learned that there are certain must-haves that you need in order to be happily coupled.

Failed relationships are hard, but they teach some very important life lessons. These things simply make you a stronger person and a better partner, as long as you allow them to. Some people let these failures harden them and shut them down. Others use these failures to become stronger and happier. They then take this happiness and strength into the next happier relationship!

4. Confidence Counts

Life experiences should make us more confident and comfortable in our skin. When this happens, we become a sexier and more desirable partner. Confidence is rather attractive!

When you know who you are and what you want, it can narrow down your list of dates, but it also means that you know what you’re looking for and are able to find a relationship that has the things you need.

5. A Better Fit

Love: Part II often brings with it a partner who fits better with your personality and life goals. When you have grown and evolved as a person, you attract and want the right things from a partner, and not just the “surface traits” that you may have looked for when dating for the first time.

When you know what you need, you’re able to find someone who just really “works” with you!

The bottom line is that love the second time around can be fantastic! Despite any hardships or obstacles, your maturity and life lessons will have made you into a better partner – a partner that can go out and find a better match for a lifetime of happiness, rather than just a season!

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