Dear GemsfromJen,
I am 60 years old and I am considered highly attractive and fit (not petite, but muscular).  I am educated, well-traveled, accomplished both in business and the kitchen and consider myself loving, kind & very funny. Ego is NOT the issue! I am strong minded & well read and will tell you my opinion (usually fact based) if asked.  Am I just too old? My children are grown, married, launched, I have a grandchild – and NO PETS-what’s wrong????

Dear Senior Dating,

You sound like a great catch! I’m not even sure what your question is, but my best guess is you are not getting responses from the people on JDate you are interested in meeting.

You are not too old, not even close.  Get that thought out of your mind. Negative thinking is no way to start a search for a potential mate. There are many singles in your age-range looking to meet and date someone like yourself. Perhaps you possess qualities that appear too good to be true.  Maybe try toning it down just a bit and see what happens. There are people out there who can become intimidated by someone as secure with themselves as you appear to be. You sound like you can do it all, so perhaps add to your profile that you are searching for someone to compliment who you are. No one wants to take a back seat so make it very clear you are looking for an equal in a partner.

You sound like you have a lot going for you. Stay strong and keep up the search!

Gems from Jen