I’m going to start right off the bat by admitting I’m slightly obsessive compluslive, a little neurotic, and get fixated on things that I really should not be fixated on.  But then again, I’m a guy.  We’re all a little nuts.

But sometimes I just can’t get over women that refuse to drink a beer.  This makes me absolutely crazy.

Maybe its because I’m such a beer lover that I can’t accept women that will only appreciate wine and mixed drinks.  Maybe its because I subconsciously want any woman I date to be one of the guys at heart, and this rules her out of fitting into this category.  Or maybe I’m just crazy!

Regardless of what the case is, there is nothing sexier to me than a beautiful woman holding a beer.  And those who refuse at all costs to ever drink a beer, you drive me crazy!

Just take a sip! =P

  1. I love beer, but not any beer- I like imported or brewed with different flavors- dark and amber and ale type of beer. some beers I like are Guiness;Harp; Newcastle, Boston Lager; Blue Moom; and other unique beers from the Funky Buddah and other microbrewery places and many many more I can’t think of the names right now. Beer that tastes good agrees with me so much more than other drinks. (Sometimes I like a good wine with dinner,depending on the food choice.)

  2. j pompey -I think you are obsessed with alcohol and probably could use a treatment center instead of a blogging site.

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