We can assume that the majority of JDaters are not virgins (seeing that there is everyone from college students in their 20s, to professionals in their 30s, to divorcees in their 40s, to widows in their 50s plus plenty of people in their 60s, 70s and even 80s) which means that most JDaters have had sex! Yes, it’s true, you will more than likely not be your partner’s first. Deal with it. But you need to decide what you want to know. Are you interested in sharing the number of partners you’ve each had? How do you want to use that information? Is there a “good” number? How will you feel if your number is higher or lower than your partner’s? Will you be able to accept the number? Ask yourself these questions before asking your partner their number. If you still want to know your partner’s number, then you’re a glutton for punishment and don’t be surprised when the relationship meets an early demise. Nothing good will come out of sharing sex stories from your past, so don’t do it. Accept that everyone has a past, including yourself, and focus on the future instead.

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  1. Losing a virginity before the wedding night is just plain stupid. I’d never do that personally. Why would you want to have sex before marriage to a person who won’t love you back? I’m Jewish but raised Catholic because of my Catholic father. And I strictly follow catholic teachings of not having sex before marriage. The premarital sex is forbidden in Catholicism whereas in Judaism is so not encouraged to partake premarital sex but it’s more leanient. Marry someone Catholic and convert them to Judaism if the “Virginity” fact bothers you so much ;-D

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