It’s been a few weeks and a number of amazing JDates with the same prospect, and you know the time is coming when sex is going to be the next step. You’re excited, you’re apprehensive, you’re kind of freaked out because you really like this person, and you want the sex to be really good. And now you’ve built up these expectations in your mind and will no doubt carry those expectations into the bedroom and set yourself up for failure.

Sex the first time is seldom “uhhhh-mazing,” but it can get better… and better… and even better. Don’t judge a partner by the first time, give the sex and the relationship time to grow. Once you’ve done it the first time, then the pressure is off and you can relax and enjoy yourselves. So don’t end what could be a good thing because the first time was just “okay.” Give the sexual/physical chemistry a chance to catch up with the emotional/mental chemistry!

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