If it wasn’t for a little thing called JDate, Zac and I would’ve never met our better halves. After months of nagging from my mother, I finally agreed to sign up for a one-month JDate subscription. I would skim through images of potential matches and occasionally message back and forth with other JDaters®, but was always hesitant to meet up with anyone in person.

Then, on a fateful fall evening, I logged in to my JDate account to find a message in my inbox from a guy who went by the alias “GuyInBoston12.” It wasn’t long before I was eager to hear from Zac. I had never heard his voice, nor had I ever seen him in the flesh, but we quickly clicked.

Zac and I discovered we had much in common – we are both offspring of dentists; we are both Boston transplants from much warmer climates (he is from Florida and I am from Arizona); and we both love our respective NBA teams (I’m a die-hard Phoenix Suns fan and Zac is a devoted Orlando Magic fan) despite their pathetic histories.

Two weeks and thirteen messages later, Zac was finally about to be rewarded for his persistence and patience. I was ready for my first face-to-face JDate. I agreed to meet up and asked him where and when would be convenient for the busy dental student. Later that afternoon I received an email notification informing me that I had a message from “GuyInBoston12.” I quickly went to log in to find out where the rendezvous would occur when I was met with the following message: “Your subscription has expired. To re-activate your profile, please click the button below.” Ugh!!! All I could think is, “This guy better be worth the $24.99 subscription fee.”

Two days later I experienced my first and last JDate meet-up. Zac and I decide to meet up at a local restaurant to continue to get to know each other. On my walk home after our initial meeting, I called my mom. I said to her, “Mom, your nagging has paid off! He was absolutely amazing and definitely husband material.”

I guess I’m a good judge of character. It’s been close to three years since that telling phone call to my mom and in just a few short months I will be “Mrs.GuyInBoston12.”

Shannen and Zac
Boston, Massachusetts

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