Dear JDate,

cont-mt-shara-aaronOur story starts back in January of 2003. To this day, I am not even sure how we met on JDate, BUT I am SO glad that we did. My friend from New York begged me to set up a JDate account, but like in most cases, I was reluctant. (THANKS JUSTIN!)

Aaron was in a long distance relationship that was not going very well, and I was dating, but still looking for my soul mate. We had friendly conversations once every couple of weeks just to see how the other was doing. Things went on this way for approximately five months.

In the beginning of June, we both decided that we needed to go out to see if there was anything there — other than just an Instant Messenger buddy (although we had a lot in common). On June 21, 2003, Aaron finally called me on the phone (prior to this I had never heard his voice). I had given him my number several days earlier. We finally went out to Friday’s for a bite to eat… and then to a piano bar and for a walk on the beach.

Two weeks later we moved in with each other, and the rest is history. Aaron asked me to marry him on April 24, 2004. We are in the process of planning a wedding for February 2005.

Thanks JDate!!!

Shara & Aaron
Boca Raton, Florida

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