Dear JDate,

cont-mt-sharon-brianI can’t thank my grandma enough for bugging me to try The funny thing is that I didn’t want to fill out the essays because I never thought I could meet the man of my dreams on the Internet. I read over other peoples’ essays and actually cut and pasted stuff. The funny thing is that I later found out that Brian did the same thing!

Brian was out there looking for me and, in fact, almost a year ago to the date was when he contacted me for the first time. We are now engaged, and I truly believe I found my soul mate. Our wedding is Nov 9, 2003. We are even giving JDate credit in our wedding program!

Here is some more information about us from the wedding channel:

Sharon is a 27 year-old Health South Rehabilitation Liaison, currently residing in Columbia, SC. Brian is a 27 year-old US Army Captain, currently residing in Columbia, SC.

We met by fate and a little help from modern technology. Officially, we found each other on; however, we met in person for the first time for ice cream at Baskin-Robbins.

The engagement was announced on November 27, 2002.

On the morning of November 27th, Brian woke me up and told me that we were going to miss our flight to NY if I didn’t wake up. It was 4 am!!!! I knew our flight was in the evening, and I didn’t think it was a funny joke. I was going to go into work since I had been out sick for the past 3 days. Brian told me that he had arranged for me to have the day off, and he switched our evening flight to 6 am! I couldn’t believe he out smarted me!!! I jumped out of bed and got ready. We were then on our way.

We flew into NY and were greeted his parents and grandmother and then Brian told me he had another surprise for me. We got back into the car and he took out Mapquest directions to THE PLAZA in NYC. We arrived in NYC around lunchtime and took a carriage ride around Central Park. We stopped on the bridge overlooking the ice-rink, and he got down on his knee and proposed in the middle of Central Park. Of course I said YES!!!!

So from there, we walked around the park and decided that we needed some ice-cream to celebrate. We took a bicycle cab to Serendipity and warmed up inside before eating the biggest ice-cream of our lives. As the evening approached we headed back and watched the sunset and the inflation of the balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. We called it an early night and headed back to Plaza where the room was filled with rose petals and tea light candles. In the morning, we watched the parade from our window and headed back to Monroe, NY to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families.

The wedding date is set for November 9, 2003. The wedding will take place at West Point Jewish Chapel in West Point, NY. The reception will be held at The West Point Club.

Thanks again!

Sharon & Brian
Columbia, South Carolina

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