Dear JDate,

cont-mt-sharon-nealA little over two years ago, I joined I was scrolling through the eligible bachelors and came across one in particular that caught my eye, so I decided to send him a note. I emailed him and told him that he seemed pretty Neat-O and would he please check out my profile as well. He wrote me back. His name is Neal, and he thought I was pretty Neat-O too.

We were both really nervous on our first date and something just clicked. We both knew there was great potential for a long-term relationship. For our second date, he picked me up at my father’s house (which I thought was very brave), and he took me on a picnic at the Jefferson Memorial. I thought he was so thoughtful and romantic. He even fed me these Truffle chocolates that were just so fabulous. He got huge brownie points for that.

Many dates followed, and we found that we were raised in a similar way and had a lot of the same stories. Neal visited me often during the week, commuting 50 miles each way. Whenever we would talk for the first few months….whoever was speaking, the other one was saying “me too…me too.”

The first year of finishing each other’s sentences and gazing into each other’s eyes like school children went by quickly. On our first anniversary, Neal took me back to the Jefferson Memorial with picnic basket in hand. This time he had a different item to give me — to go along with those absolutely fabulous chocolates. He popped the question while the song “Unforgettable” was playing. We danced to that song at our wedding a year later, March 17, 2002. We have joined more than just the two of us. I have two children (a boy and girl), and he has two children (two girls). So now we are a happy family of 6!

Sharon & Neal
Washington, D.C.

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