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cont-mt-sharon-stuartSharon’s Story: We both joined because neither of us were into the bar scene. My sister-in-law told me about it and I figured since I was in the telecommunications industry and new to the area I’d give it a shot. I had quite a few responses, but then Stuart answered my ad stating that he was looking for a “head-turner.” I responded with an instant message. Eventually, we graduated to the telephone. We talked for hours and decided to meet each other the following day for caramel frappacinos. I thought he was nice, but for him it was love at first site. What started off as a brief meeting turned into almost two hours. Before we knew it were already making plans for that evening. We later went to one of those game centers, played games and laughed for hours.

After that night, I was still dating other people and not ready to settle down quite yet, but he was ready to commit. We dated on and off and the more I dated the more I knew Stuart was everything I was looking for in a soul mate, if not more. It wasn’t too long before I knew I had fallen head over heels in love.

A month later, I asked him to meet me for another frappacino at that same place we first met. I brought him a dozen red roses, which, was our signal that I was done dating other people and ready to settle down. A few weeks later, he invited me out to meet his friends at the Hilton hotel to “meet” his so called friends. He opened up the door to a suite and there were over 100 red and white lit candles and more than seven dozen red roses, red and white balloons and rose petals scattered throughout the room. It was the most beautiful, romantic place I had ever been. Stuart then got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes, and know we are terribly, happily in love and want to get married and share our life together and the rest… well, you figure it out :).

We would love to share our story with the world. There is someone out there for everyone. Thanks!

The following was written by Stuart… It all started one lonely evening four months ago. I had responded to two ads on and I received a response from one of them. I was looking for a head-turner and her response read, “I’m a head-turner!” We talked on the phone for about two hours and then agreed to meet the following day for a casual coffee at a bookstore. It was love at first sight for me. She was everything I had wanted.

We were off to a great start. We connected on all different levels. We were both hooked. Now what? Well, we’re engaged, we moved in together and we’ll probably be married by the time our story gets posted. It’s funny, we both dated people that lived 30 to 50 miles away and it turned out we used to live three minutes apart.

It was a lot of work filtering through all of the quality people on but it was well worth the trouble. We want to thank you for services. You have made us very happy. We would also like to thank all the people both of us dated. We found our soul mates, keep looking, yours is out there, too.

Sharon & Stuart
Coral Springs, Florida

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