I’m going to apologize to all the smokers out there in advance.  I’m sorry ladies, I know you’re beautiful but…

I just absolutely hate females that smoke and I just don’t understand it.

For starters, women smell so beautiful naturally.  The natural scent of a woman, a woman that showers every day that is, is sexy, and seductive.  Smoking = making yourself smell like my Uncle Tony.

Secondly, it makes women taste like an ash tray.  I know that’s cliche, but its true.  Trust me, I used to eat ash trays as a child.  Is it any wonder I have such a crazy, or should I say, beautiful mind?

For me, smoking is a complete dealbreaker.  Nothing makes a girl go from completely attractive, to me having no interest, in a heartbeat.

So ladies, help me out.  Please don’t smoke.  And call me when you quit now that you have some extra money in your pocket.  I do like to be pampered. ;P