I had just gotten out of an unsuccessful short-lived JDate relationship, and Will was looking for a nice Jewish girl who was serious about finding love.   I was finishing up my first year of graduate school in Cleveland, and Will was working on his dissertation in Columbus. It was the first week of April, and knowing that I was moving back to Columbus for the summer, I thought I would give the Columbus search a try.  I wasn’t really expecting anything because I had grown up in Columbus and was convinced that I either knew or was related to every Jewish guy.  I was so glad that I was wrong. Will popped up on the first page and, immediately, I wanted to sign up for a monthly membership again so that I could contact him. He was extremely handsome and his profile was very sincere. I explained that I was living in Cleveland, but that I would be moving back home for the summer. Will sent me a message only a few minutes later, and we started texting that night. After a couple of hours of texting, he offered to come up the next weekend. He told me that he thought his membership had expired, and was willing to sign up again just to look at my message.

Although I thought it was a little fast, I also loved how interested he was.  Our first date consisted of sushi for lunch, Sudoku at the coffee shop, walking around the mall, and dinner at a Latin fusion restaurant. That day, Will told me he would love to continue to date. Following his first visit up to Cleveland, he came the next few weekends until I moved home.  We spent the whole summer together, and after only two months we knew we would be getting married.

We found out that our families had been living within two miles of each other for over 20 years; they belonged to the same synagogue, and my sisters had gone to Sunday school with him. On September 24, 2010, Will and I went to dinner in Cleveland. For dessert, we ordered strawberry cheesecake, but when we received the cheesecake I was given a dessert dish with a lid on it. While I was lifting up the lid, Will got down on one knee and proposed.  We are planning our wedding for July of next year in Columbus at the same synagogue where both sets of parents were married. I will be moving back to Columbus in May after graduation.

We are both very grateful for JDate for bringing us together.  I had a lot of faith because I knew several couples who met via JDate, including my sister and her husband.  We would advise anyone who has been unsuccessful in meeting people to try JDate. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain! Thanks again JDate!

Shelley and Will
Columbus, Ohio

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  1. And it could not have happened to two nicer people! Mazel Tov!
    Merry Lynne

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