Sherri and Brandon found each other on JDate in April of 2006, while Sherri was a freshman at UCLA and Brandon had recently dropped out of college. They had a few long phone conversations before scheduling their first date, on May 4, 2006. Brandon picked up Sherri in an old, run down BMW at her dorm at UCLA and they enjoyed a nice lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in Westwood. This was the first time Sherri was introduced to strawberry lemonade, after Brandon insisted she try it (she now orders it often).

For their second date, Brandon took Sherri to get pizza again, but this time at BJ’s Restaurant in Westwood, followed by an Angels and Airwaves concert at the Troubadour. They went on many more dates after that, but this date was Sherri’s favorite, and Sherri and Brandon saw each other at least once a week afterwards.

Sherri and Brandon continued dating for a year and a half, until Brandon moved away to take a new job at a startup in northern California. They decided to continue their relationship long distance, with trips to see each other almost every weekend. They also went on frequent trips to other places too, like Lake Tahoe, New York, Boston, Mexico, Las Vegas, Israel and even Arkansas.

Brandon proposed to Sherri on New Year’s Eve in New York at the stroke of midnight at the start of 2010, about three and a half years after they met. He then moved back to southern California to live with Sherri and prepare for the wedding.

They now live together in a nice apartment close to the ocean in Long Beach and are excited to start the rest of their lives together!

Sherri and Brandon
Long Beach, California

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