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Just imagine what three inches could do for your dating life. But it’s not what you think.

Shoes by Jews, every 5’8” man’s best friend and every Jewish girl’s dream, adds almost three inches to your NJB. Yes, this is a real thing. Shoes for men that have a hidden heel so us girls can wear our heels.


“Shoes By Jews is a new product for men that discreetly provides an extra 2-3 inches of height. We’ve spent two years designing the world’s best height-increasing shoes with the perfect balance of comfort, style and lift. Women report that height is the #1 physical factor they look for in a potential partner, while studies show that extra inches come with higher incomes and job titles. In the dating world and at the office, height is a major asset. Shoes By Jews is here to help level the playing field and give men under 6 feet the chance they deserve.”

This commercial says it all …


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