With online dating, the million dollar question is: to stalk or not to stalk? These days, the Internet can tell you almost everything about a person. If you think about it, it’s actually pretty creepy. Internet stalking is a bad idea.  Here are seven reasons why you should refrain from going a little ‘Google crazy’ on your date.

     1. You Could Make a Mistake
Google gives you more insight into a person, but it isn’t your own personal private detective. You could meet Jordan Cohen online, think he’s great, get really excited to go out with him, Google him, and then bam… you see he’s convicted of a white-collar crime. I imagine you’d then run in the other direction and choose not to meet him. Well, Google can make a mistake. Ever think that maybe the Internet is directing you to the wrong person? Hard to believe, but it’s true and it’s happened before. Unless you’re hiring a private detective (don’t get any ideas!), there’s no way to be certain that the person you’re stalking online is, in fact, the person you’re supposed to meet.

     2. You Can’t Hide Google
Google can work against you. If there’s something you see that you don’t like, you may choose not to meet your date. Perhaps they did something silly in college, or they wrote an opinion piece you don’t like from three years ago. Google will certainly remember it, and will show it to you. If you’re not sure about someone, meet them for a quick coffee.

     3. The Internet Can’t Explain Itself
The Internet is a powerful tool, but it doesn’t have a voice. There is such a thing as a misunderstanding and it is possible. Many things can be taken out of context, especially when you’re reading them online. The Internet isn’t able to explain itself if you see something you don’t like.

     4. Photos Can Lie
Have you ever seen a really bad photo of someone on online? I certainly have. If you Google your perspective date and see a bad photo, it might hinder your judgment. Not everyone photographs fabulously.

     5. You Can Ruin The Chemistry
Stalking your date on Google can ruin the chemistry. If you know every single thing about a person before meeting them, the chemistry can’t develop naturally.

     6. It Isn’t Organic
Internet stalking takes the excitement out of getting to know someone. It ruins the organic part of dating. You should get familiar with the other person slowly, and reveal things about each other as time goes on.

     7. It’s Too Easy
Dating is a learning process. Part of the fun is getting to know each other, one fact at a time. If you stalk someone online, you know all the nitty-gritty details about them before you even meet. The mystery is gone.

I like to joke that Starbucks was created for first dates. If you’re unsure about someone, meet them anyway and make it a coffee date. Even if they aren’t a perfect match for you, they might know someone who is!

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