No one likes a show-off. No one. Don’t think your date is impressed by your knowledge of  facts especially if you end up making your date feel stupid in the meantime. An art gallery or museum is a nice date, so don’t brag about how much you know or own to the point of making your date feel uncultured. A wine tasting is also a nice date idea but being a wine snob isn’t. Same goes for beer. Don’t ruin a good moment by bragging about how much you know about the topic or who you know or why you know it.

Think of it this way: people who would be impressed by your knowledge or connections are liking you for the wrong reasons. You want someone to like you for you. Once you use those interesting (useless?) nuggets then what is left? Substance over hype.

The last thing you want to do is turn someone off while trying to impress them!

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