Some of you might know me from Bravo’s Princesses: Long Island, others might know me from Oxygen’s My Crazy Love Story, and the rest of you might just know me as a normal, Jewish, single girl in the city. With “The Single in the City Diaries,” I am here to help all single Jewish girls in the city “stay in the know,” share tips for surviving this crazy thing called being single, and show you how to fall in love with yourself in order to attract ‘The One.’ It’s a harsh world out there, and I’ve been through it all, so I am here to tell you that there is hope, and a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to modern and traditional dating.

It’s the Jewish New Year, which means time to reflect, and another year of dating. It’s definitely challenging to date in a big city where there are so many options and dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and our favorite… JDate. But, this year, I reflected while in synagogue over the high holidays (Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur), and realized that the relationship we need to work on most… is the one we have with ourselves. We need to be able to date ourselves before we date anyone else. I have been dating most of my life, and am now 30, and still haven’t found ‘The One.’ But I’ve realized I will never find him if I don’t fix the relationship I have with myself first.

As women, we can sometimes tend to find validation through the guys we date. We think if he is in to us, then that means our life mission has been fulfilled! But, what about validating ourselves because we are amazing just being our single fabulous selves without having to have a significant other? That’s when you meet the guy of your dreams! That’s when you have the confidence to talk to that guy on that app, dating site, party, or at that work happy hour. It’s all about working on yourself this Jewish New Year in order to find Prince Charming!

Chanel Omari on dating, life in the city, and loving yourself first. Photo credit: John DeMato

A true JDATER will always find the time to work on themselves so that they can be their best selves for that one special JDATER who will come later down the line. There have been so many times when I attracted the wrong men because I didn’t work on myself. I didn’t want to face the person I once was, so I ignored it and hid in my relationships. I looked the other way. I went for men just to validate who I was, but then I realized that men weren’t the answer to my worth. They didn’t determine my value. So, this New Year, I am going to be the one to determine my worth and my value (and isn’t that what men find sexy anyway?).

So many of us women base our value and worth on mens’ opinions of us, and that’s where we go wrong. We need to be strong and confident this New Year, believe in ourselves, and understand our worth on our own as women — without mens’ approvals. Once you know your own worth and your happy being single, you will attract the right guy who will fall in love with you for just being you. That’s what I have learned in all my years of dating. But, then again, I am still single.

Stick with me for more dating, lifestyle, and entertainment adventures/411 and I will continue to keep you in the know.

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Chanel Omari
The JDate Single In The City Diaries

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