“Why can’t all single ladies shake it like Beyonce?” asked the single guy after football’s biggest game on Sunday.

First, Destiny’s Child’s hit song “Independent Women” was the anthem for every pantsuit-wearing female executive in training. Then, Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” became a worldwide proclamation from women to men telling them to “sh*t or get off the pot.” One thing became very clear, Beyonce had girl power!

Unfortunately, for single women everywhere, Beyonce has got girl power, an amazing body, a flawless face, and incredible dance moves.  If all women could move like Beyonce, there would be no women left in the club raising their left hand to the lyrics  “if you like it, then you should’ve put a ring on it.”

I love Beyonce, and after last night’s killer half-time performance, it’s safe to say I have a girl crush. But, I’m quite certain she is setting the wrong expectation for single men everywhere. According to Beyonce, single men can find a woman who is strong, independent, HOT, and with a booty-shake that will blow your mind. Her worst trait will be that she wants you to “put a ring on it.”

I’d like to help set more realistic expectations for the single men out there, but I’d hate to burst their bubble so soon after that half-time performance… plus I’ve got to go practice my booty shake.

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