As a singleton you are using many Social Media Marketing techniques to let people know you are looking. Being a member of JDate, being friends with JDate on Facebook, following JDate on Twitter and so forth. People will then click on your various profiles to learn more about you. That is why having a lot of photos of you with various dates, or repeatedly with the same date whom you are not in an official relationship with, is not a smart idea.

A guy I know is dating someone, but considers himself single. Unfortunately for him, she checks in everywhere they go and tags him in every post. So if he were to meet someone and she were to go to his page to learn more about him, it would appear he was in a relationship.

So use Social Media wisely when dating. Don’t put crazy, passive-aggressive, emotional, vague or too revealing posts on your page. Think about what you want people to learn about you when they read your posts and look at your photos. What do you want your profiles to say about you?

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  1. Always love a good opinion piece. This is the type of writing I’m aiming to write on my blog. Good work.

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