As you get older you will begin to find more and more single parents popping up in your JDate searches. Just after college and through your 20’s, you probably will prefer not to date someone with a child. For some people it’s because they are just not ready to deal with the commitment that comes with a “package deal” and for others they may simply want to date someone who doesn’t have any “restrictions.” The reasons don’t matter, you have to make the decision for yourself and mark on your profile whether you are willing to date someone with a kid or not, or don’t have a preference.

In your 30’s and 40’s, the number of single parents on JDate rises (and in your 50’s it is even more prevalent). And when those single parents log on to JDate, it is a major bummer to see prospect after prospect choosing the “I don’t want to date someone with children” option. It is what it is and any parent will tell you their child is a blessing — and those failed prospects are the ones missing out. Hopefully, as JDaters get older, they will revise their preferences and realize they are cutting out a huge chunk of great prospects all because they are weary of someone with a child.

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