When it comes to wedding season, autumn is the new spring. Seriously, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I know of at least five weddings that occurred over the last couple weeks, and other people I’ve talked to have confirmed their wedding attendance has been in full swing this month as well.  I suppose the season makes sense – fall is after the high holidays, the weather is usually nice, and the crisp air makes for good hair days, which is important for photos.

For single wedding guests, however, weddings can stir up a variety of feelings. Jealousy, relief, frustration, loneliness – a happy occasion can definitely cause some not-so-happy emotions, even if you’re truly happy for the newlyweds. So, how do you navigate this wedding season as a single guest? Don’t sweat it – just follow these 8 tips:

  1. DON’T bring a date if the invitation doesn’t include a guest. It’s embarrassing for you, your hosts, and your plus one.
  2. DON’T be embarrassed if people ask when it’s your turn next, or when they will be invited to your wedding. They mean well, even if they are being rude.
  3. DON’T drink too much to mask your feelings. This really applies to anyone at anytime; it’s just generally in poor form. Plus, drunk wedding guests are super annoying.
  4. DON’T keep to yourself just because you may have arrived alone. Introduce yourself to other guests and try to socialize!
  5. DO maintain a good attitude, or the best you can under the circumstances. Your hosts want you to have a good time, even if you feel like they are rubbing their coupledom in your single face.
  6. DO use caution when inviting someone new or you don’t know well to be your wedding date (if you are able to invite a guest). This could turn out really well, and you might have a great time, but it could also be really awkward (this happened to me once!).
  7. DO dance, if you want to. A slow song comes on and everyone else is coupled up? Ask an older single relative or a 10-year-old cousin to dance – they will probably be flattered and feel included.
  8. DO spend time talking to guests of all ages. A wedding is a great time to meet people, even if it seems like there are no “prospects.”  Your friend’s Aunt Esther cornered you and is raving about her niece? You never know – Niece could be your Bashert.

And maybe next fall, Aunt Esther will be attending your wedding.

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