Dear Sherri,
Small town life is really centered on married couples, except for the bar crowd which is not great for dating.  I really don’t fit into either group and am looking for some suggestions that can change my social situation.

Dear Singled Out in a Small Town,

There are many ways in which to overcome the small town dilemma. First, it’s important to find like-minded people with whom you connect. While it may be difficult to always be the single person at the barbeque, dinner or holiday party, try not to overlook individuals just because they are coupled off.  Friends are hard to come by and some of the best relationships come when people from different backgrounds and life stages connect or expand their universe of intersecting circles of friends.

The same holds true for people of different ages, social circles and interests. You may think you know everyone around you, but if you look beyond family and friends there is a good chance you will come across interesting individuals that you never encountered before. Expanding your circle of friends or extending your geographical zone can be achieved most easily through travel, volunteering, work and of course, the Internet. I strongly recommend day trips to neighboring towns, business travel if possible and pursuing interests beyond borders.

If you are looking for love, don’t be shy to go the distance. Much of JDate’s success is founded upon helping singles from remote locations find one another, thus eliminating barriers such as distance and time. Keep in mind as you sift through profiles or set search parameters that you can adjust your settings by area code, city and distance. One never knows who they will find across the town, city or state line. And also, take advantage of organized travel events that the company offers.  I know of two individuals who met on a JDate trip to Cancun last year and are still holding strong despite the fact that they live in different cities. All types of women and men sign on for these specialty trips so you will not have to worry about being singled out from the crowd.

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