When temps in Los Scandolous drop low enough to actually make wearing a hoody a necessity more than a hipster fashion statement, you know winter has finally entered the City of (often fallen) Angels. So after the post-turkey tryptophan fest 2009, how does a single girl in the big city survive holiday hell? Simple, she bands together with her beautiful bffs and ceases the quest for the perfect mid-frost fling. Instead, she’ll trade in the dinner-and-a-movie deal for the even more tempting date with her dolls, and enjoy the gift that keeps on giving.  Let’s face it, more often than not, your girls are better equipped to handle the various spectrum of emotions capable of gal on the go, more so than any boy is able to grasp. So for one entire month ignore the dude that acts empathetic to your one of many different moods and don’t let the too-tempting snake charm his way into your heart (and pants). If he’s truly just that into you, he’ll wait for oh-ten. Until then, enjoy a little quality time with the ones that stick by you a total of twelve months throughout the year, instead of the one whose expiration date lasts less than thirty twenty-four hour rounds.