She came to my apartment to hang out.  As she hugged me to leave, she told me that I was easily the best looking guy on the photo staff.  She, of course, was referring to the Daily Texan, which is the student newspaper for the University of Texas at Austin.  The ‘photo staff’ part is self-explanatory.  After she told me this, we finished hugging, and I let her walk away.

If ever there was a time when a girl wanted to kiss me, it was this.  The saddest part isn’t the fact that I let her go without a kiss.  The saddest part is that I didn’t realize that this was an opportunity for a kiss until three years later, lying in my bed in Houston.  Well, she’s married now, with seven kids.  Okay, she doesn’t have seven kids, but she may be married.  Okay, Facebook® just confirmed that she is not married.  Either way, the moment has passed.

In order to recapture that moment, we would both have to move to Austin again and re-apply to the University of Texas.  Then, we would have to find places to live and re-apply for the Daily Texan photo staff.  I would have to again somehow be the best looking guy on staff.  I would then have to find a reason to invite her over while my roommate, my brother, isn’t there.  Then she would have to hug me and again tell me that I am the best looking.  Perfect!  I kiss her.

Go with your instincts.