I really like telling stories. Perhaps that is why I enjoy blogging so much because it affords me the opportunity to tell stories and anecdotes that I think are fun or interesting. When I meet people for the first time I don’t like to just sit there and ask them generic questions like I’m interviewing them for a job, and instead would much rather engage in a conversation where we can share stories and experiences that lead to us asking follow up questions because we are genuinely interested in the other person’s response.

When I go out with a woman on a first date I am going to tell stories and try to illicit some from her because that is the way that I most enjoy getting to know people. Additionally, while I am always interested in hearing stories about people’s jobs, friends and other important aspects of their lives, there is another specific story that I am usually clamoring to hear, which is how they decided to begin online dating. I’m just curious as to why people I meet choose to try dating online since everyone has different motivations behind the decision that ultimately defines their online dating back story.

For some people they were encouraged by their friends, or mother, to go online as a way for them to meet people and be more social. Others were already extremely social but decided to go online as a way to try something different and get outside of their box. Yet another group of people, like me, went online because they have a crazy job and wanted more opportunities to meet people than their restricted social life allows them.

However, no matter what your rationale was for trying online dating I encourage you to embrace it and tell the story of how you first decided to take that leap. Even though you may not think it’s the most exciting story in the world I believe that simply talking about the subject when you first meet someone adds to the things you have in common and helps create a mutual trust. In the end, we may have all joined online dating for different reasons but we still all got here, and that’s the most important thing.