We’ve all heard the horror stories about people being fired from their jobs because of their Facebook status or an inappropriate tweet. What you might not realize is that your social media mistakes can also affect your dating prospects. What happens when a potential beau adds you (or finds you during some Internet stalking) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.? What are they going to find out about you? Here are six things you’ll want to edit or remove from your social media accounts to clean up your online image when dating.

1. Obnoxious Updates
Do you post your every move, every meal and every thought? Do you post selfies daily? Although that might seem cute and your friends or family may be commenting in a positive way, it could be overkill for a new prospect. Your dates likely don’t need to see your Taco Tuesday meal or read about your thoughts on every current event. If you like to share a lot online, take advantage of Facebook settings that make sure certain posts are seen only by specific people (your new dates don’t need to be in that group). You can also hide posts by changing the privacy icon to a “lock.”

2. Scandalous Photos
You know those photos you took seven years ago on your Birthright trip where you have some sexy stranger hanging around your neck on every stop across Israel? Or that picture of a random dude taking a body shot off you on your birthday? How about those bachelor or bachelorette pics that were supposed to “stay in Vegas?” Nearly every site gives you the option to un-tag yourself in photos. Do it.

3. Relationship History
When we are happily in a relationship, we tend to post photos doing typical couple things and romantic, mushy status updates. Sometimes we delete those photos and posts when said relationship ends, sometimes we don’t. Now is the time to go through your history and either hide or delete. Believe me, your new prospect does not want to see you looking lovingly into another’s eyes or read you and your ex exchanging “I Love You/I Love You More” posts. You’ll thank me later.

4. Inconsistencies With Your Dating Profile
You said you were in the legal field and inferred that you practice law when you are really a paralegal. A simple search will out you. Did you lie? Not exactly, but you lose credibility when you aren’t honest. Don’t give dates the wrong idea, whether it’s in your dating profile or with what you post on social media.

5. Six Degrees Of Jewish Separation
When you’re active on social media and add everyone (and their mother) from preschool, camp, college, your career and beyond, you and your date are likely to have friends in common. It’s up to you to decide if you want to pare down your friends list and eliminate acquaintances. If you prefer not to, consider the very real possibility that your new prospect may do some digging and ask around about you before you’ve gotten a chance to get to know each other. Another option is to hide your friends list on Facebook and keep your other social media outlets more impersonal.

6. Misleading #Hashtags
Hashtags can add a lot of context to your posts, but will some of those hashtags be a bit misleading when seen by a prospective match? Posting a meme about being single and adding hashtags like “#singlereadytomingle” or “#marriageisnotforme” may give your date the wrong impression. You might be making a joke, but until the person knows you better, the humor behind your hashtags can get lost in translation.

When it comes to social media, it’s all about the impression you’re giving off. It’s understandable that we aren’t the people we appear to be when we first joined Facebook, but it would also behoove us each to clean up our social media act when we are dating. If you’d do it when you’re looking for a job, it only makes sense to do it when you’re looking for a partner!

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