We met on JDate after I had just gotten out of a very bad relationship. I had been looking around on JDate for a while when OfficerAaron chatted me one day and we hit it off immediately. Being I am a criminal justice major, we already had a lot in common. I asked if he was a cop, and he said “Yeah, are you going to stop talking to me now?”

We would talk for hours on the phone for about two weeks. On our first date, we were already in love. I have never been so happy and we would have never found each other if it weren’t for JDate.

His father passed and my mom was diagnosed with stage four cancer while we have been together; and we have been there for each other through our difficult times. I don’t think either of us would know what to do without each other’s support and love.

We are both so happy and we have JDate to thank! Being that Aaron works in Southeast DC (which is a very bad part of DC) and lives in Gaithersburg while I live in Bethesda, we would have never met each other if it weren’t for JDate.

There are not enough words to thank this amazing organization! Our wedding is set for June 10th at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in DC and it is going to be beautiful! I cannot wait.


Also, some advice I would give would be to not be hesitant about meeting people through JDate. I know so many people (including my cousins) who had gotten married due to the site.

Sophie and Aaron
Rockville, Maryland

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