I received an email from a guy who was really good-looking. I was so flattered and couldn’t wait to read what he had written. Oh the horror! This man’s grammar left me feeling as if I was reading a foreign language. I responded with ‘Thanks for the email, but I’m not interested.’ This got me thinking.  How important is grammar when utilizing JDate? In my opinion, it is very important.  Don’t get me wrong, the occasional LOL, haha and ellipses are cute, but bad grammar is just a complete turn off.  I want to know I’m dealing with someone who has a brain. Is that too much to ask? My advice, spell check, use the proper to, too, or two.  Nothing is worse than using your instead of you’re, or their instead of there. Please JDaters, do some quick editing before making connections.  You never know, it might be just the thing that will land you the date!