On a random November evening in 2009, Adam and I sunk into our respective couches, broke out our respective glasses of wine, turned on our computers, and went to JDate.com. Suddenly, an Instant Message popped up on my computer screen from ‘Ageiger83.’

“Hi,” the message read. After some back and forth Internet flirtation, Adam took a shot in the dark and asked ‘FLprincess82’ out for an “adult beverage” at a bar called Delores, but you can call me Lolita. I curiously accepted.

The date was set for Friday night at 8:30 PM. Adam arrived early and picked a table with a clear view of the entrance (remember this was essentially a blind date), placed the white rose he purchased earlier in the day on the opposite side of the table, and impatiently waited.

I arrived a short while later and (from what Adam says) immediately caught his eye. 8:30 PM turned into 11-something very quickly. Adam told me his life story and I told Adam bits and pieces of my history.

Before we knew it, November 20, 2009 turned into May 13, 2011, where we found ourselves in the public gardens of Boston, Massachusetts on a brilliantly sunny day. There we were (in what has come to be our favorite get-away city) next to a pond with swimming swans. Surrounded by gorgeous trees with flowers hanging from branches, we stood next to several brilliantly purple tulips. Adam got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Before I could say a word, I began to cry and my knees gave out. Obviously, I said, “Yes!” (Adam cleverly had his friend hide in the bushes to document the whole thing!) Immediately thereafter, the celebrating began!

On March 3, 2012, we said our vows to each other on the most memorable day of our lives. Thank you for bringing us together, JDate!

Stacey and Adam
Miami, Florida

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